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Diamond and Pearl (Reception/Y1)

Our teacher in Diamond Class is Ms Sarah-Jane L’Esteve.

Our teacher in Pearl Class is Mrs Donna Featherstone and Mrs Meryl Cousins.

PE is taught to both classes by Mr Marc Taylor.

Both Diamond and Pearl classes are made up of a mixture of Reception and Year 1 children.

We aim to provide an excellent education which matches each child’s intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development.

Further Curriculum information may be requested from the class teacher or the school office.

Diamond and Pearl Curriculum
Current topic: Marvellous Me!

  • Story Making: Gingerbread Man
  • Learning about the structure of traditional fairy tales
  • Write for a purpose – recipes, shopping lists, invitations, instructions, and letters
  • Using capital letters & full-stops correctly
  • Individual and guided reading
  • Daily Phonics sessions
  • Continue to practise correct letter formation & pencil control

· Continue to develop accurate counting skills

· Learning to count in twos, fives and tens

· Addition and subtraction

· Place Value

· Continuing to use part, whole models and ten frames to help us make simple calculations

· Learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes

· Continuing to talk in full sentences about our mathematical understanding

· Role play: Gingerbread Cottage

· Painting & crafts inspired by The Gingerbread Man

· Design & build a bridge to help the Gingerbread Man escape the fox!

· Exploring duration in music

· Find out about the work of Henry Moore

· Create sculptures inspired by Henry Moore using clay, loose parts etc.

· Have a sculpture Day and create our own sculpture park in the style of The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

· Welly walks in our school environment to observe seasonal changes

· Make and bake gingerbread men

· Learning how to describe and create different textures

· Complete simple programs on computers, including design programs

· Learn about changes in materials through baking and bakery visit

· Create simple maps

· Find out about different bridges around Frome and the world

· Fine-motor activities: including threading, sorting and weaving

· Make our own hand puppets

· PE with Mr Taylor (Monday: Diamond, Friday: Pearl)

· Bikes/scooters/balls/skipping ropes/etc.

· Using large construction outdoors

· Build a large-scale obstacle course inspired by the Gingerbread Man’s journey

· Continuing to develop pencil grip

  • SEAL activities & Circle Time
  • Going for Goals
  • Learning to set our own goals and talking about we are going to achieve them
  • Continuing to learn to talk about our feelings
  • Telling the truth, saying sorry & putting things right
  • How can we help out a friend who feels sad or lonely?

  • image.png
    How to Catch a Star
  • image.jpeg
    We like dressing up outside!
  • IMG_0034.jpg
    Reading the turnip soup recipe very carefully!
  • spring2.png
    Chatting about different vegetables featured in our story 'Oliver's Vegetables'

Class News

Marvellous Me!

Diamond & Pearl September 2017

To inspire the children we have planned around this theme but ideas may change through observing

child-led interests and the children’s own ideas!

How to help your child
We aim to hear the children read once a week in class and we really appreciate your support in hearing them read at home too. You can keep a record of this in their Reading Record book in their bookbag.

Each time we learn a new sound we give out the sound card for children to take home. If you could practise this sound with your child this would be really helpful.

Our Year 1 children are given homework on a Friday and we like that to be returned to us on the following Monday please.

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